Thursday, August 1, 2013

Books for Charley Drop Off #1

I was so excited to be apart of this year's Books for Charley book drive!  In late April, I contacted Kristin, Charley's mom, and asked if I could join in on this great cause.  It was my mission to pay-it-forward to other kiddos that are in the hospital for any reason.

A little background:
Much like my sister Taylor, Charley earned her angel wings much too early because of a similar congenital heart defect.  They both were supposed to go through the same 3 surgeries and live as normal little girlies but God had other plans although they are hard to understand.  Her family and story hold a place near and dear to my heart although I have never met them nor actually talked to them.  I like to call myself a blog creeper!  :-)  If you want to learn more about Charley's story and her little brother, Harrison, blog hop right over to

During the month of May, I collected as many books and donations as I could from people near and far.    Click here if you want to read how I got it all started off.  The turn out was amazing!!  I am excited to be donating 213 books!!  I dropped half of them off at the Sumner Hospital yesterday and will be dropping off the other half at the Waverly hospital in the next couple of days!

Hopefully, these books will give lots of kids a reason to smile when they aren't feeling the best!

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